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    Apply the same aliases to multiple dimensions

    Emil Schweiger

      Dear Forum, dear all,


          I'm sure that there is probably an easy way for the below to work but being as dense as I am, I probably need to hear it from someone else


      So here's the situation:

      • I have the results of a consumer survey in an excel file (yeah, I know, . . . who uses Excel nowadays)
      • the survey consists of about 25 questions all with the same possible answer selections (Strongly Agree - Agree - Neither Agree Nor Disagree - Disagree - Strongly Disagree)
      • the response shows up in the file as 1-5.
      • now I would need to have the above 'original' selection options applied to the results as Alias for all 25+ questions, and I can't imagine myself doing it the 'old fashioned' way of editing the aliases 25x5 times


      So I was wondering if there's an easier way around, maybe with parameters, etc.


        thanks in advance for any help