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    Newbies I need your help... (one more time).

    Shawn Wallwork

      I'm putting together a 'Users Tips' page to help users better understand the basic Tableau UI. What about the UI took you a while to figure out? What made you say "Oh, now I see how that works!" Please help me fill in the big blank space:


      Tip Help.png


      This one will be limited to the Reader UI, but I will be doing one for the Server/Public/Online UI as well. Suggestion greatly appreciated from newer Tableau users. If you have suggestiosn on tips that could fill in the big blanks space I'd be happy to hear them. We can discuss editing the terms/verbiage used at a later time. Thanks,



      PS: Based on Joe's suggestions I will consider adjusting terminology where I feel it is appropriate, or not. After all it is my users tip sheet. I will also post this page as an editable workbook, so you can replace whatever terms you want.