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    Is there a way to present underlying data from a cube on the dashboard?




      Please forgive my ignorance but I am new to both Tableau and cubes.  Our dev team is developing a cube containing aggregated data.  It does not contain detail such as account number etc.  On my Tableau dashboard, I need graphs (on the left) showing aggregated data and a detail report (on the right).  This works beautifully when connecting to the raw data as I have a report setup that is just a crosstab of all the underlying data and then set up actions from the graphs to the crosstab on the dashboard to allow user to filter the raw data.  Problem is that I can't set up this crosstab from a cube because the items i need, such as Account Number, are not available within the cube.  I know the user can right click to VIEW DATA and then select UNDERLYING DATA but this will be cumbersome.  I want it on the dashboard.  Is this possible?