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    How to: Price Variance

    Kelly Smolcynski

      I'm hoping someone can help me with a Price Variance calculation I am trying to do.


      I have the following in my sample data set (attached):

      Products     Type     Supplier     Region     Year     Quarter     Document Date     Units     Invoice Amount  Price Variance

      Apples     Fuji     Joe's Grocery     North     2012     1Q     1/1/2012     1616      $2,185.60                   ???

      Apples     Gala     Smith Farms     West     2012     1Q     1/2/2012     2230      $6,500.69                   ???

      Apples     Fuji     Smith Farms     East     2013     1Q     1/3/2013     2203      $3,049.98                   ???


      I would like to create a calculated field for Price Variance using the following:


      Variance =(1Q13 Price-1Q12 Price)/1Q12 Units


      What I cannot seem to figure out is how to not only calculate Price (Price = Invoice Value/Units); but also specify the year and quarter in my calculation.


      I can use v7 or v8 - if that makes a difference.


      kind regards,