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    MTD & YTD Columns from Analysis Services Cube

    Greg Freyburgher

      I am brand new to Tableau and working from an AS Cube Datasource.  I am trying to replicate a simple Pivot Table that list the following:


      Products   |   MTD Sales Current  |    MTD Sales Previous Year   |     YTD Sales Current  |    YTD Sales Previous Year


      In my cube I have a Time dimension hierarchy defined as [Time].[Time] with the following attributes  Year, Month, Date.  I don't have any available date measures available to created calculated fields.  I can't figure out how to show the Sales amounts per each time period.  I can slide the Year & Time attributes on the Column shelf and display this current years totals, but I don't want to filter the entire sheet on these periods.


      Can anybody help or point me to a reference on how to produce the MTD & YTD Sales amounts without filtering the entire sheet

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          Peter Thomsen

          Hi Greg


          I know this hurts, but you should have a talk with the people developing your cube about adding YTD, MTD calculation to the cube.


          Some stuff can be done in Tableau with writing MDX in the calculated members dialog - but you need to know your MDX and have a dummy dimension set up (you need the cube developer for that as well)



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            Sean Mullane

            Hey Greg - I had typed out an answer and then the website decided to eat it. I only managed to get a quick screenshot when I realized what was happening. It's below - sorry about the format.


            6-26-2013 6-10-46 PM.png


            I'm just about to head out until Monday - if you can't read this I can email you the larger copy then. The obscured first sentences are: "You can use tuples to get a measure value for a given member. If you haven't looked at the AdventureWorks sample .twbx, take a look."