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    Is there a way to reset one filter based on clicking another filter?

    Lauren MacMillan



      It's my understanding that there is currently no way to reset filters, other than the "Revert" button available in Server, but thought I'd see if anyone had a creative solution to my problem. I currently have two filters that I would like to allow users change: "Industry" and "Sub-Industry". I've created a hierarchy relationship; every Sub-Industry rolls-up to one Industry. I have no trouble only showing relevant Sub-Industry values based on the the Industry that is selected. However, if I select "Food" in the Industry filter, and "Dairy Products" in the Sub-Industry filter, and then try to change the Industry to "Entertainment", "Dairy Products" remains selected, even though it isn't in the Sub-Industry filter anymore. So, in order for this to work correctly, it looks like users will have to select "ALL" in the Sub-Industry filter, before selecting a different "Industry," which is not ideal.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!