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    Tableu 7 - Problems finding ODBC DSN on Tableau Server

    Marcelo Konatu

      Happy Friday Everyone,


      I am having a problem with my report finding a ODBC DSN configuration on Tableau Server; I created a dashboard in the Tableau Desktop using a live ODBC connection and everything work just fine.


      Then I did the following steps on the Tableau Server:


      1. Installed the same ODBC driver on the server

      2. Configured the ODBC DSN with an identical configuration of the machine running Tableu Desktop

      3. Tested the ODBC connection (worked fine)

      4. Uploaded the data connection and the dashboard to the server


      When I try to open the dashboard the driver informs that it cannot find the driver configuration and it returns the following error:



      • [DataDirect][ODBC Salesforce driver]A Java VM has already been created. Unable to connect using the DSN named "Production". Check that the DSN exists and is a valid connection.
      • Errors occurred while trying to load the workbook "/views/BacklogManager". The load was not able to complete successfully.


      It looks like the driver cannot find the DSN configuration but I am at loss as to where to look to get more details about this problem or where to fix the problem.


      I appreciate any help or insight you can provide on this matter.