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    Problem filtering values by top N

    Andreas Linden



      I have sales data for both 2012 and 2013. I've filtered this data to just show 2013, and I've created a calculated field that calculates number of sales per salesperson. I have then created a bar chart of this calculated field, sorted by location (location on the x axis, sales per salesperson on the y axis).


      This all seems to be working fine, but when I then filter by the top 10 or so locations (in terms of sales per salesperson) I find that Tableau does not give me those top 10 - instead, some of the data is missing. Tableau shows 10 locations but the final location in the top 10 is always incorrect - a location from outside the top 10.


      Could this be down to me limiting the data to a subset of the original dataset (i.e. just data from 2013) - is the 'top xxx' function applied to the whole dataset rather than a filtered dataset? Or is the above a bug?


      Any help with this would be much appreciated!