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    export data as crosstab: webpage not found

    Danielle Farrie

      I am trying to test the export function for a dashboard I have embedded in a website using Tableau Public. When clicking the export crosstab option, the popup appears saying the crosstab has been generated, but when I click the download link, the download does not appear and I am directed to a web page that says

      This webpage is not found

      The webpage athttp://public.tableausoftware.com/vizql/w/FY14StateAidWeb2_0/v/FY14StateAidProposal/exportcrosstab/sessions/317A0D14844C477ABA7746D1355A0514-0:7/views/Wealth_992850374?charset=utf16&download=true no longer exists.

      HTTP Error 410 (Gone): The requested resource no longer exists, and there is no forwarding address. This is expected to be a permanent condition.


      Any ideas?