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    Slider question...

    Shawn Wallwork

      I don't work with sliders much, but I needed to use them yesterday. Does anyone know what that extra narrow bar indicates?







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          I believe it indicates min/max range of underlying data.

          I guess it doesn't use the full range because some action filters are activated.
          At least that is one scenario I just tested to be true

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Thanks Johan. That seems to be the case, but then why don't any of the other sliders have this same indicator. I can't figure out what makes this one different from the others. I've attached the workbook, maybe you can see what I'm missing.



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              Why is minimum in slider less than minimum of filtered data?

              I think you found a bug, because the slider is not refreshed when we change [All Values in Database] to [Only Relevant Values].

              I came to this conclusion by changing Family w/ Kids Density from [All Values in Database] to [Only Relevant Values] and saw nothing happened until I moved the drawer toward right and than back as far left as possible.

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              Why has only one of the sliders a min/max range?

              I have found a pattern when the range indicator is displayed and when it is not.
              Slider filters show a min/max range when the measure is also on a shelf such as columns, rows, and detail.


              Ps. I am glad I got this rare opportunity to help a 10K+ helper, because they more than deserve it after doing an enormous effort for so many.

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                Shawn Wallwork

                I'm starting to think it's a bug too. All the filters are also on the Detail shelf, so that's not it. They are also all set up the same way. So there just isn't a reason they should be behaving differently. At least not one I can think of. Oh well, not really important (at least not until the client asks about it)



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                  All indicators are now seen. I did it by ctrl+ dragging all filters to the detail shelf.

                  I hope this earns me +4 points for correct answer which we helpers like so much

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                    Shawn Wallwork

                    Sure as soon as you explain what you did to fix it.


                    Never mind I figured it out. Thanks dude, here's your 4 points!



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                      I guess this is no longer a bug, but a technical limitation in Tableau's design. Logically the min/max indicator should not depend on being included in details, because the range indicator should be a natural element of filtering.

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                        Jonathan Drummey

                        Thanks for asking about this, Shawn, this was something that I'd wanted to explore a bit and hadn't taken the time to. I don't think this is a bug, this is a not-fully documented feature. The data bar is showing the range of data currently being displayed in the view.


                        Here's a link to the docs on the "data bar":



                        However, Tableau has to know the range aka "domain" of data, and it doesn't for pills that are *only* on the Filters Shelf. (That's the undocumented bit). When a pill is on the Filters Shelf only it is not part of the view in the same way as on any other Shelf, Tableau only uses that pill in the WHERE clause in the query issued to the data source (and effectively as a WHERE/HAVING clause for filters that Tableau executes, such as for table calcs). For pills that are on the Rows, Columns, or Pages Shelves, or the Marks Card (i.e. the view), Tableau does load the domain and will display the data bar when that Dimension or Measure is also on the Filters Shelf.


                        The key here is that the pills on the Filters Shelf and their counterparts in the view each have to have the same level of aggregation for the data bars to appear. What happened in Shawn's initial view is that all the Filters are Dimensions, while all of their counterparts on the Level of Detail Shelf are aggregated except for the Family w/Kids Density, so that's why that one gets the data bar. The reason why Johan's fix worked is that when he Ctrl+Dragged the copies, the same values were now on both the LoD and Filters Shelf and Tableau could display the data bars.


                        Joe Mako  says the most important factor for understanding Tableau is to have pill awareness, i.e. what's a dimension/measure, discrete/continuous, and aggregate/non-aggregate, and (after a fair bit of personal struggle, suffering, and learning) I've come to agree with him. This is a case where even though we could see in the original view a green pill with Business Density on Filters and another green pill with Business Density on the LoD, the former pill is a dimension and the latter pill is actually SUM(Business Density), though in this case they return the same values Tableau treats them quite differently.






                        PS: The data bars and displayed ranges can still get funky when we have multiple filters with Only Relevant Values showing due to the interaction between them, that's where I'd first run into this situation.

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                          Shawn Wallwork

                          Nicely explained Jonathan! Can't give you the green star because I already promised it to Johan, but you get 1 for explaining why all this is. Thanks,



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                            Good explanation. Permission granted to give Jonathan the green star. The good feeling of helping you is luckily not lost by transferring the green star to a better explanation

                            Ps. I hope you remember to give me an orange star

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                              Shawn Wallwork

                              Johan = 5 Helpfuls = 5 pts

                              Jonathan = 1 Correct = 4 pts


                              Everybody's happy.