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    [Tableau 7] Map multi-data layering

    Jane Yang

      I have a map with two sets of data that I'd like to layer on top of one another. The first layer is a filled map that I am able to do just fine. The second layer is a pie chart, using the number of records of a particular dimension. However, this second layer uses a different data set than the first layer, and combining the two data sets would be quite complicated. Is there a way to do this layering without combining sets? I am currently running into an issue where the secondary data layer only allows a dimension to be listed as an attribute or measure on the map, rather than a dimension, thereby not allowing real pie charts.


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Short answer: No.


          Richard and I worked on this issue a lot (in 7). You can use slight of hand or magic or brute force to wangle your way to something semi-acceptable, but you'll NEVER get to anything resembling the map 'layering' you're talking about. Layering is not the Tableau map model. In Tableau you get an excellent background map layer (provided by Urban Mapping) and you get a single layer on top. You can attempt to slice/dice that one layer so it shows what you want, but it's all hack/workaround sort of stuff.