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    Free-floating annotation of Calculated Field

    Dan Meier

      This seems like a blindngly simple question...I'm almost embarrased that I can't figure it out!


      I want to annotate a chart with a Calculated Field.  The Calculated Field is a simple value representing the ratio between a chart range maximum value and a parameter with a single constant value.  In other words, the Calculated Field is a constant and not a range of values.  (In this case, I have "total to date" and "goal" values, and simply want to display simething like, "You're 73% of the way to the goal," or, "You're <Calculated Field> of the way to the goal.")


      With Area Annotations, I only have access to parameters, so can't use a Calculated Field..  With Point Annotations, I seem to only have access to items on the Rows and Columns shelves, and since my Calculated Field doesn't live there, I can't use it.  Using a Reference Line is possible, but because the ratio value of my Calculated Field is extremely small comapred to the chart values, and since placement of the Reference Line text is limited, that solution is impractical.


      Surely there's some way to create an annotation that's free-floating on the chart (i.e., not attached to a specific point) that includes a Calculated Field, no?