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    Receiving an error upgrading to Tableau Server 8.0 on Windows Server 2012 VMware instance

    Masson Liang

      Hi all,


      I recently created a virtual machine on VMware Player running Windows Server 2012.


      I successfully installed Tableau Server 7.0 and performed the items on Tableau's Pre-Upgrade Checklist (Run Cleanup, Create the backup file).


      After this I uninstalled Tableau Server 7.0 and proceeded to install Tableau Server 8.0. Everything was going smoothly until it came to configuring the server, it gave me an error stating that the installation could not be completed and that I would need to uninstall and re run the installation to continue.


      I've uninstalled everything and tried to revert back to the beginning of the upgrade process, but it now gives me the same error when trying to reinstall Tableau Server 7.0 again...


      Please help!