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    showExportPDFDialog()  403 Error


      Hello, i am using the Tableau Server 8.0 javascript api reference to embed visualizations into my website.  everything is working as expected, until... i want to export the Viz, as either a PDF or an Image.  i am running the server with trusted authentication and call the showExportPDFDialog() function off of my visualization object in javascript.  the export dialog shows up fine, however when i click the download button i get re-directed to the tableau server, and get a 403 error.


      anyone have any ideas?

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          Nimesh Maheshwari

          I have the same issue. What i found was if you export the Viz without clicking anywhere for example clicking on "Keep Only" etc the visualization exports but if you filter or modify the original Viz and export, this causes an issue and get a 403 error. Anyone have any ideas?

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            Natalie Giggy

            Hi Chris and Nimesh,

            I'm having the same problem when I save a workbook to Tableau Public and try to export a dashboard or sheet from that workbook as an image or pdf. If I try to click the download button I get a 403 error just as Chris said. Originally I found that I could work around the issue by choosing "Open in browser window" from the Save to Web Results box and then exporting from there, but now not even that is working.  Now when I open the viz in the browser window the download button is not appearing. Have either of you made any progress on this issue?

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              Tom Patriquin

              I'm sharing a similar issue currently. Some users are able to export the image from server 8.0 without issues, but one is getting the 403 error. Information is sensitive so I can't turn off trusted authentication, which I'm told could address the issue.

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                Natalie Giggy

                Hi all,

                Brad at Tableau Support helped me find a work-around for this problem. When you save your workbook, copy the link that is intended to be used to share your viz in an email and paste it into your browser. From there you should be able to click the export and button and download your viz without the 403 error coming up. Hope that works for you all!