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    image url acting as menu navigation

    Jaco Kachelhoffer



      I am currently facing a problem where ive made a dashboard which is acting as a "home page/landing Page" when someone enter our report.


      On this page ive got 2 image icons at the moment, each with a URL encoded on them, the problem im facing is these images when clicked on redirects the user to the other dashboards as its suppose to but it is opening a new window each time they are clicked on.


      Is there anyway to alter the URL or setting somewhere so that it opens in the current window/browser it is in?


      I've tried setting in the URL ?:embed=y&?:linktarget=_self at the end of the URL but no luck.


      I've looked at using a webpage object but this is not what i am looking for as this is just displaying web site etc in it and i dont want to alter any of my dashboards with unnecessary objects like this.