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    Alarm for failure




      I'am trying to make a dashboard of performace of a sustainable energy system.

      (system: solar collectors and geothermal heat pump)


      I want to have a alarm in the meaning of a RED indicator or sound when the system is in failure.

      If the system is in failure, the database record will have a 1 if there isnt a failure it willl have a 0.


      so i need a graph or alarm thats idicates a failure...


      anyone suggest or idea's?



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          Toby Erkson

          There is no alarm feature but you could have any number of ways to indicate a failure, however, without a chart to work with the question really can't be answered.


          Also, it sounds like you need two information systems.  One information system is for dashboard performance, which Tableau can do.  The second information system would need to be hooked up to the sustainable energy system directly and give an alarm (bell, email, explosion, etc.) to indicate a system failure.  The only way Tableau can do real-time is if you are constantly refreshing the live data connection.

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