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    Changing a constant value in published data set

    Dan Meier

      Tableau's parameters are very flexible in allowing the definition of "variables" (e.g., parameters) that can be used in formulas and whose values can be updated by users via parameter controls.  And it's great that these can be defined within published data sets that are stored on the Tablkeau Server and accessible to users.


      I'm interested in creating a "constant" value and publishig it within a Tableau Server data set.  In my case, I'd like to create a pre-defined "goal" value within my published data set that can be used as a reference line within users' Tableau workbooks.  To do this I'm creating a parameter as a list with a single value.  This is then stored in the published data set and accessible to users.


      The problem is that when I change the parameter's list value within the data set and re-publish it to the Tableau Server, the new value doesn't appear in users' workbooks.  They still have the original value.


      Am I missing something?  Or is there a different way to define and publish constants in published data sets for use within reference lines?