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    "Relative To" feature on a secondary data source is lost after reopening the workbook

    Gabriel Gejman

      Hi All,


      I'm creating a table where I show a measure by category, the percentage that each category represents from one of those categories (using a "Percent from"-"Relative to" Table Calculation) and based on a copy of the primary data source (blended by category) the same percentage again so when I filter the table I keep the overall percentage for comparison purposes.


      Everything works until I close the workbook and reopen it when the "Relative to" of the secondary data source is lost and I have to set it up again.


      I'm using Tableau 8 and created a workbook using the Superstore dataset that is having the same issue I'm having with my data.


      To recreate the error you have to open the workbook, go to the Sales by Product Category sheet and select "Relative To"->Previous so the table populates again, then select "Relative to"->Appliances. Save and close. Then reopen the workbook and you should see the problem.


      I already opened a case with support and I'm waiting for an answer,  I know this may not make sense with this data, but it does with the data I'm working with.


      Thanks for your help!