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    Fact Books

    Virginia Moench

      Has anyone used Tableau to make a Fact Book for their institution?  I am new to Tableau and haven't undertaken any projects yet--let alone of this magnitude--so any advice would be appreciated!

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          Justin Smith



          I too am new to Tableau (and Higher Ed for that matter) We do not have a fact book (although we may begin working on one shortly), but we started with a simple fact card that is moving into production right now.


          Although it doesn't use Tableau graphics due to space availability, I did look at numerous fact books at other institutions while getting ideas on what to include. That has been very helpful for me to get an idea of what may be included. I'm not saying duplicate what everyone else is doing, but who wants to reinvent the wheel if its unnecessary?


          One thing I noticed is some of the most informative books had not so informative graphics. One I can remember directly was made entirely with Excel charts. Nothing against them, but I bet you can make Tableau display the same information much more visually appealing, and probably easier too! I know I can't work Excel charts half as easy as Tableau, and I've spent a lot more time in Excel than Tableau (although that certainly isn't the case since I started using Tableau.)


          Finally, don't be afraid of asking questions in the big forums. I have certainly asked some questions that I thought were completely below other forum members, and never felt like anyone was bothered by them. Everyone is VERY helpful. Ellie Fields posted one example of an interactive fact book a few posts back on the Higher Ed Board. Here is the link if you haven't already checked it out: http://community.tableau.com/thread/120372