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    How to use same parameter as input to more than one boolean filters

    Daniel Etra



      I am struggling with how best to setup a parameter that can be used as a filter for a series of dashboards. I have attached an example workbook.


      I want to present some summary stats at the level of the county, and allow the user to filter data to only include records where the record participated in a given program.


      In this example, there are 4 possible programs (sce, scg, sceip, pge). In the data source, each record has a boolean for if the record participated in each program. Each record also has a field for a description of the programs participated in (program_combinations), which is really just a concatenated list of the program names when participation is TRUE.


      I have a parameter for selecting the program, and this is then passed into a filter on program_combinations looking to see if it contains the text string of the program name.


      Now, this all works fine, except that I actually have two programs that start with the same text string: "sce" and "sceip". The result is that when you apply the parameter for "SCE", it is returning records for "SCEIP" even though those records did not participate the SCEIP program.


      I know that I could use individual filters for each of the program participation booleans, but in the real data set there are over a dozen programs, and I'd like users to just have a single drop-down to select the program.


      Is there another way that I can set this up? Thanks in advance for any assistance.