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    How do I display specific sheets to specific users/groups from within the Publish Workbook to Tableau Server dialog box?

    John Munoz

      Hello everyone,


      I'm running Tableau V8 desktop and Server. I have a workbook with 10+ tabs in it. Some of the tabs are specific to business units, some aggregate data across all the business units. On Server I've assigned users to specific groups (which tie back to the business units) and have a super user group who can see everything.


      When I go to publish the workbook from Desktop to Server, I select the group from the 'user/group' area under 'View Permissions' and check the sheets (from 'Views to Share') I want them to see. But there isn't any sort of 'save' or 'apply' button to hit. What Tableau ends up doing is to select whatever 'views to share' I selected for the last group before hitting publish and assign that to the Server version of the workbook.


      Am I missing something or do I need to do this type of filtering on the server, not in Desktop?


      For what it's worth, I also have user based filters (sets used in filters) applied within some of the sheets in my workbook, and these work fine. What I'm trying to accomplish with the 'user/group' and 'views to share' setup is to suppress the sheets that aren't relevant to specific groups. Trying to accomplish this with user based filters from within each tab doesn't 'hide' the sheet from the user, it just shows them a sheet with titles and no data, which is clumsy and makes the user wonder what they're missing.


      Finally, I realize I could publish business unit specific versions of this workbook and achieve what I'm trying to do, but that's time consuming and kind of lame.