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    Preventing users from viewing underlying data on tableau server - (Phantom Tool Tip Loophole)

    Chris Moseley

      I have several reports published on Tableau Server and want to allow a couple new users to view these reports but not  download the.twbx file or view the underlying data via a tool tip. (even when you have no tool tip on a chart any user can view the data by clicking on - and then hovering over - a row or column header).


      I logged onto Tableau Server and changed all users' Permissions to "Deny" for the functions of "Download Files," "View Underlying Data"  and "View Summary Data."  I'd think that would take care of this issue.  Yet, I can still download and view when logged on as a new user. 


      Surely, I must be missing something here.  Has anyone else run into this problem?




      - Chris

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          Paramesh Sangangiri

          Hi Chris,


          The settings you have changed are meant to restrict the user from viewing the data or downloading dashboard but make sure that the particular user is neither a site admin nor content admin, he shouldn't be in the list of any admin users.




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            Chris Moseley

            OK, great.  This is helpful and solves part of my problem.  The user I was experimenting with was an Administrator, which allowed them to view and download data even though the worksheet's preferences show them as not having that authorization.  This generally makes sense and has been resolved.


            However, there is still one loop hole I'm finding after making this change.  There is a Tool-Tip-like menu that appears to users when you select - and then hover over - a row or column header.  I've attached a partial screen shot to highlight the phenomenon.  The chart in this screen shot does not have a regular tool tip.  As you can see, there is still the ability to view the data via the "phantom tool tip" in the row header. 


            Ideally, I'd like to do away with the phantom tool tip entirely.  However, if there is no way to avoid it, is there a way to preclude users from having access to the "view data" function within the phantom tool tip?



            - ctm


            Image of "Phantom Tool Tip" on a graph with no regular tool tip...

            Data Download Image.PNG

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              Toby Erkson

              I agree with Johan but in your screen shot did you erase anything in the phantom tool-tip?  It looks like it but I'm not sure.  If you did erase/blank out anything I think you should not do that so we can get a sense of what is being displayed -- use dummy data if it's sensitive info.