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    How to output a different dimension then your input using wildcard searching

    Nathanael Rosidi


      I have a table with 3 columns: Name, ID, Value:

      Alex, 0_2_1_2, $10

      Nate, 0_2_1_1, $10

      Tom, 0_2_1, $10

      Phil, 0_2, $10


      The ID column has a hierarchy built-in, meaning that Phil is the boss of everyone. Tom is the boss of Nate and Alex. And Nate and Alex are on the same level.


      I am trying to create a filter where a user can type in (or select) the name of a person and output the summed up value of his/her team. Meaning that if a user typed in 'Phil', the value would be $40. If a user typed in 'Tom', the value would be $30. Nate's value = $10 and Alex's value = $10.


      I'm guessing this would be based on an ID wildcard search. But I can't seem to be able to find a way to search through IDs when a user types in a Name.


      Lastly, it would be great if this solution can be done generally rather than manually adding logic such as Alex = '0_2_1_2' since the list of names will grow over time.


      Thanks for your help!