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    Data Extracts Tableau 8 Calculation Not working

    Alan Brady

      Hi I have a set of calculations in a workbook of the form


      SUM(CASE [FieldName]


      When 'value' THEN 1


      ELSE 0




      this calculation works fine on some values of 'value' but not others and always works correctly when querying the DB directly. I have tried dropping and recreating the extract file but this has not solved the problem. Any Help much appreciated.




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          Marcel Bosboom

          Hello Alan,


          I have just quickly tested with #, Text and dates and all work fine. can you be more specific about what is wrong.

          - Type of DB

          - Data type

          - specific value

          - type of value field

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            Alan Brady

            Hi Marcel,

            I have a Field name Description with a caradinality of 4 or 5 so for example when the value of the description is 'value1' it works but when it is 'value2' it does not work (extract only) however when I do not use an extract it works fine. I have a series of calculations for all the possible values of Description.


            Update I think I may have found the problem.


            I did an update on the underlying table containing the Description field and change the case of the values for all records  and that appeared to work one I regenerate the extract.

            I am still testing and will report back.

            thanks for the swift response


            The DB is MySql

            Data Type is


            Discrete Dimension


            Database column

            Remote column:


            Remote type:

            ANSI/MBCS character string

            Contains NULL:



            United Kingdom(English)

            Sort flags:


            Column width: