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    Tableau Reader

    John Gold

      Good morning,


      I am working with Tableau Desktop and packaged a workbook so others in my office can view it in Tableau Reader.  What kind of functions can the Tableau Reader user accomplish?  


      Thanks in advance.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey John -


          There isn't a feature-by-feature list of what Reader can and can't do as far as I know.


          Essentially, you can use it to consume a packaged workbook: Filter, sort, drill, etc. You can't make any changes (design) to it.


          Hope this helps? If not, please give us a better idea of what you're after?



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            John Gold

            Hello Russell,


            I was wondering if they can view the raw data in the Reader.  I work for a University and some data I do not want to share because of privacy issues.



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              Russell Christopher

              Hi John -


              While a user doesn't have the "View Data" option in Tableau Reader, they still could view raw data in number of ways:


              • Use the Worksheet | Export menu option to export to Excel or Access
              • Rename the .twbx to .zip and pull the TDE or csv/txt/xls file out of the \Data folder inside the zip


              Essentially, if the data is in a .twbx anyone with a modicum of expertise can get at it. To truly secure the file and data in the file, it must be hosted in Tableau Server.


              You might be able to work around this by aggregating the data to a higher-level - For example, get rid of personally identifying information (PII) by aggregating by Region vs. ID...but I don't really know what sort of data you're working with, so that's a complete shot in the dark on my part.


              Hope this helps a little?

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                John Gold

                This helps alot Russell.


                That answers my question completely.  I have Tableau Desktop and cannot upgrade to Tableau Server because of lack of university funds.  So, what I need to do is delete any sensitive information before connecting it into Tableau if I am going to export the chart/map in a packaged workbook.


                Thank you.  This forum is great! 

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                  Rob Skidmore

                  I have the similiar question but my objective is different.  I've put together a packaged workbook using the desktop verison that I am sharing with multiple users that only have the reader version.  In the destop version, I am able to "drill down" to view the underlying data when I hover over or select a data point.  I want my users to be able to do the same thing but I did not see that option in the reader version.


                  Is it possible to view the underlying data using the reader version?

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                    Russell Christopher

                    I honestly don't know - As I mentioned to John, I don't think there's a document anywhere that details exactly what you can and can't do with Reader.


                    But,  I tried what you just described and don't see that ability either. I suspect it has been removed for reasons unknown to yours truly. I'll ask around and see if anyone knows "why"...but that won't help you

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                      Rob Skidmore

                      Thanks Russell.  I would be interested if you could find something out.  I thought that functionality existed in version 7 so I was surprised when I shared a workbook in the new version and that button has magically disappeared.

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                        Russell Christopher

                        Rob, I just poked around in our bug database and found a reference to this. It appears that "View Data" was not included in Reader 6.1 and earlier (by design).


                        It looks like it may have been briefly included in the 7 beta before it was "pulled" - it's not supposed to be there.