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    Looking For Tableau Data Analyst Vermont

    Patricia Aigner

      Rutland City Public Schools seeks a data analyst who can model data, has strong analytical skills and can present numbers in a useful and easy to understand way to a variety of consumers.  Apply here http://www.schoolspring.com/job.cfm?jid=211992


      As a district, we are delivering exciting IT solutions across our core instructional areas to help analyze large datasets and identify meaningful patterns.  Our primary goal is to place usable data in the hands of instructional teams at every level so that they can make critical decisions in instruction and the application of resources from the student to the district level. The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to facilitate professional learning for faculty and staff in the area of data-based decision making.

      Applicants must have knowledge of SQL with the ability to write SQL queries, experience with Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and a strong understanding of data warehouse concepts.  Experience with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server Administration is a plus.