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    Best practices to maintain Data Connections with meta data on Tableau Server

    David Baudrez

      Dear Tableau Experts;


      I am currently building a Tableau Practice within my company and there are a couple of fundamental questions related to the management and  maintenance of "data connections with meta data": what we call Data templates.


      Typically, our setup;

      - we have an Oracle Datawarehouse with our live data streams. We have a Tableau Server Dev/Stage/Production.

      - we are creating static table/datamarts with a sub-sets of our datawarehouse to run specific analysis

      - for each of those datamarts, we have created a "Tableau Templates" organizing and documenting the different dimensions and measures; underlying hypotheses and methodologies to the attention of the analysts that will perform the analyses

      - we have published those templates on our Tableau Server - "Stage" environment so analysts can use it for their specific queries

      - we use Tableau Desktop 7 and don't have short term plans to migrate to T8



      1. Can the data connection be maintained by different people? It seems only the 1st one who published it can update it.
      2. Is there any risk we should be aware when somebody is updating the data connection while somebody else is using it in tableau desktop (risk to lose the worksheets using this connection)? We have experienced that a few time already.
      3. Can we edit directly the data connection from the server? (it seems some parameters are hidden when we connect directly to tableau server, such as the 1st month of each fiscal year)  - instead of going through a tableau desktop file.
      4. How can we migrate a data connection from one tableau server to a different one (dev to Stage to Prod)?


      Any hint very welcome!


      David Baudrez