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    Creating a calculated field for comparing data within a measure




      I have a field name: Type which has different values like Actual, Q114 Plan & Q214 Plan. For each of these values there is a sales number associated with it. I would like to create a calculated field that would give me the the forecast adherence based on an another field called location: ( All fields shown in below image)



      I would like to see 2 calculated fields (FCST Adherence, FCST Adherence 2) which would be something like below


      Location     Actual     Q114 Plan        Q214 Plan               FCST Adherence ( Actual/Q114 Plan)       FCST Adherence 2 ( Actual/Q214 Plan)


      India          200        160                    180                               1.25                                                       1.11


      Mexico     200          160                   180                                1.25                                                      1.11


      US            100         90                     105                               1.11                                                      0.95



      How do I create a calculated field which would help me compared data within a column? Thank you for the help. Also attaching the source excel file.