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    Formatting data from parameter in line chart

    Alvaro Echeverria



      I have a chart, where I have a parameter which changes the data to show on it. This parameter is used in a calculated field to change which measure is


      IF([Show measure]="Deviation KPI")THEN

      [Deviation KPI]

      ELSEIF([Show measure]="Service Level")THEN

      [Service Level]



      Deviation KPI and Service Level are 2 calculated field based on measures.



      My problem is formatting the vertical axis and tooltip correctly. Service level must be percentage and Deviation KPI a number (it's a float). The problem is when I change the value of the parameter I lose the format of the axis and tooltip. If I select the Service Level to be shown as percentage, if I change the parameter to Deviation KPI (it's formatted as number), the Deviation KPI's axis is shown in percentage base. If I change that to number, then when I change back to Service Level, it is show as float without the percentage format.


      Any idea how to keep the format in both cases?