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    Creating a parameter

    Bob Nims

      I would like to create a Parameter equalling the value based off the 'rows by 1 column'.  The reason I want to do this is parameters are available to my text boxes within a dashboard.


      How would I do this?

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          Andres Castaneda

          I don't really understand your question. If you want something to tell the number of rows by column it should be a variable instead of a parameter, and counting the number of observation would be a feasible way. Can you please be more specific because sincerely I would like to help but I don't understand??





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            Bob Nims

            Thank you Andres...

            On the AppsByType.jpg I attached it shows a text box I created on my dashboard.  I also show what variables I have to pick form to dynamically include in the text box.  You can see I have a parameter I created before in that box.  I don't have the option to select other types of variables.  So I thought maybe I could get tricky and create a Parameter that had the value shown in my RowsbyColumn.jpg.   Once I have the parameter built I can include it in my text box which would be a dynamic count plus the words Apps by Type.


            Hope this helps explain why I am trying to do things out of the norm.

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              Bob Nims

              I was wondering if someone can tell me if what I am attempting to do is even possible within Tableau

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                Joshua Milligan



                If I understand your question, then the answer is yes!  In titles and captions, you can reference any field (including calculated fields) that are used in the view.  As you noted, you can also reference any parameter.


                The calculated field in the example is simply the Size() function, which gives the size of a window.  When computed table down (or using Sub-Category) in this example, it will give the number of rows.  It can then be used in titles and captions when included in the view.  I've placed it on level of detail here (see image below and attached workbook).


                Hope that helps!





                Count of Rows.png

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                  Bob Nims

                  Just what I needed Joshua.  I wasnt using titles before but I certainly should be.  Thanks!