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    Create a Variable using previous information of itself.

    Andres Castaneda

      Dear all,

      I need to create a variable that uses previous information of itself and information from other variable at the same time. This is a small example using Excel in which I create variable Y using the following logic:


      The first observation of variable Y (let’s call it Y1) is equal to the first observation of variable Z (Z1) which is constant over the time. The second observation of Y has the following form: Y2 = Y1*a + X2, where “a” is parameter and X2 is the second observation of variable X. Subsequently, the third observation of Y will be Y3 = Y2*a+X3… and so on.


      The question is simple, how I can construct variable Y in Tableau? I have tried several ways with no success. The following table is an example of the desired Y variable and the file has the very same information if you require more clarity.





      Thank you so much for your help.