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    Tableau 8 File Size Issue on Extract Optimization and Refreshes

    John Sobczak

      A few somewhat important issues I may have discovered with Tableau 8 on file sizes: 


      First I noticed when I optimize my Data Extract the packaged workbook file size grows significantly.  This continues to grow every optimization cycle UNTIL I refresh the Data Extract which resets the packaged workbook file size back to beginning size.


      Secondly and perhaps related to first issue is that I also noticed I get a completely different file size on the packaged workbook on order of 2:1 depending whether I perform an "Refresh ALL Data Extracts" or Refresh from the Data Extract itself.  The latter option gives me double the packaged workbook size, even though I only have ONE Data Extract in the workbook.  This is very bizzare.


      I've attached the packaged workbook along with the Excel data source.