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    Tableau Desktop 8 Performance

    nattaporn Vichittongrueng


      I have a problem with Tableau Desktop 8 performance when working with data from other language (in this case, Thai).

      I have a data set of  aprox 9000 records with some of the fields in Thai.

      When I connect the data set with Tableau 8, the workbook gets EXTREMELY slow, and in some cases just stops responding.

      I've tried extracted my data and not connect live but the performance is still really bad.

      Thing is that I also tested the same data set with Tableau 7 and it work smoothly.


      I've also attached my workbook here. There're 2 worksheets in the workbook, one contains fields in Thai and another only English. You'll notice the different in term of speed.


      Is there any solution for this problem? We can't always translate our data in English and it just doesn't make sense to store the data in Thai and show them in English.


      Thanks in advance !