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    Dropdowns for filters don't work in Chrome

    Mike B

      We recently moved to Server 8, and our dashboards (along with the new "edit" feature) are completely useless in Chrome.


      Dropdowns show up, but you can't see any of the options.  I thought I had perhaps messed up my permissions, but the dashboard works fine in Internet Explorer.  Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a solution or something I've missed?

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          Chris Locke

          Ditto here.  This is a problem.

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            Chris Cox

            I have the exact same problem, however it ONLY happens when I login with a user that doesnt have System Admin rights.  The SysAdmin account works as expected in Chrome.

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              Laurie Bussmann

              Also experiencing a similar issue --

              For us issue seems to vary client to client (some folks have the issues other's don't)

              Issue persists in chrome 26, 27 and 29 dev

              Sys admin rights don't make a difference

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                Thomas Mathews



                We are encountering this on several new laptops that recently went out to our employees. It occurs in Chrome and Firefox. We've contacted Tableau Support and recieved this response. It has worked for us. Perhaps it can for you as well.


                Thank you for contacting Tableau User Support. I understand that on

                >some devices, drop-down menus (and I suspect also the toolbar) are not

                >responding to mouse clicks.


                >In Tableau Server 8.0, we have a known issue with the toolbar buttons

                >and drop-down menus on touch compatible devices in Firefox and Chrome.

                >The device does not need to be touch enabled. To confirm whether the

                >device is touch compatible, please navigate to


                >Control Panel > System and Security > System


                >This dialog box shows the touch compatibility of the device. If it says

                >"Pen and Limited touch Support with 2 Touch Points" or something

                >similar, then the device is touch compatible. If it says, "No Pen or

                >Touch Input is available for this Display," then the device is not touch compatible.


                >On touch compatible devices, it is not currently possible to interact

                >with the toolbar and drop-down filters on Firefox and Chrome, but they

                >do work on Internet Explorer.


                >If the computers experiencing this issue are on Windows 8, there is no

                >way to change this setting. There may be a way to change the setting if

                >the computers are on Windows 7. If they are, please let me know, and I

                >will do some research to see if we can find a way to change the setting.


                >Our developers are currently investigating this issue in order to

                >develop a code change to be included in a future release. If the

                >description above appropriately describes what you are experiencing,

                >please let us know by replying to this message. I will then add your

                >information to the existing engineering case in order to further

                >communicate the urgency of this issue to our developers.