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    How can I get a summary variable for a row while still getting individual breakdowns

    Udi Schlessinger



      I'm trying to do something that's very simple in SQL and yet I am unable to do this in tableau.


      I've been able to created a table that does, say,



                              Vegetarians       Smokers          Non-Smokers       Meat Eaters


      American                   3              2                                                       1

      Indian                        15             4                                    3                 2

      Chinese                     9                                                                        1



      Doing this is very easy. But what I want to do is get the *distinct* number of users per row. So in the case of American, it would be 4, in the case of Indian it would be 24, in the case of Chinese it would be 10.


      This is not a straightforward summary of all users per row. In other words, I just a summary of the distinct user per category ("American", "Indian", "Chinese") but still get the breakdown. This would just be an extra row in the table.


      Please can you help?