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    Show most recent record by category

    Jason Borucki

      I would like to create a table that will display the most recent record for any category, if the date is less than the parameter date, but will use the parameter date if it exists in prior period.  I have attached a fairly basic workbook with some sample data.  The expected result would look like:


      Parameter Date = 3/13/13


      Red     3/12/13     61

      Blue     3/13/13    100

      Green   3/8/13      29


      However, if the parameter date is changed to 3/5 you would get:


      Red     3/5/13     72

      Blue     3/5/13    76

      Green   3/5/13    26


      This would have a lot of benefits when combining several data sources that updated with different frequencies and controlled with a single date parameter.  Looking forward to what the community says.