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    Display value of 150 as 2:30

    Brock Tibert

      I want to format my calculation that renders the value of 150 in MM:SS format.  The custom format doesn't accurately display the value.  I figured this would be straightforward but what I am missing?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Brock,


          The following formula should help get the desired outcome:


          str(int([Time])) + ":" + str(([Time]%1)*60)


          Hope this helps!



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            Brock Tibert

            Thanks for passing this on.  I got it to "work" but now what was previously a numeric measure is a character string and can not be included with my other summary measures. 


            It's an awesome and fairly concise solution, but this seems to be an unnecessarily complicated workaround.  Are there any plans to have this type of conversion/formatting in future releases?


            For context, I am replicating the Average Time on Page Metric from Google Analytics and I certainly wont be the first person that comes across this situation.


            Thanks again!