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    create formula to exclude some element of an order

    nicolas riff

      hi there

      sorry for my ignorance in creating formula but i need to learn

      i have a some orders made of different lines of products

      i want to create a foirmala that would take all orders that do not contains product A

      so if order 1 has products A, B and C, order 2 has products A dn B and order 3 has products B and C the formal would exlude order 1 and only count order 2 and 3

      any idea

      - to work from i have a database that is an extract with all order numbers with lines of product names (A,B and C)  0

      - another file with order name only (best is to work from the file above and add another layer of formula that would only give me count of order without prodcut A to avoid repeat of order that contains B and C in same order number


      hope that help


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          Matt Lutton

          What does your data structure look like?  Can you post a subset of randomized records in an Excel file, pull that into Tableau as an extract, and post the packaged workbook here in the thread? This will help ensure you get the best feedback possible from this forum.  A lot depends on how your data is structured, though, and its not clear from your description.  Cheers


          Off the top of my head, a simple calculation like:


          IF NOT CONTAINS([Product], "C") then [OrderNumber] end


          Placed on the filter shelf would remove any order numbers that do not contain Product C.  But again, any solution will be dependent on your data structure/source.