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    percent difference and maps

    Megan Weis

      In the attached file, how do I edit the table calculation so that my tool tip reflects, as an example, that the light blue piece of the pie had increased by 40% by 2010 when compared to the light blue piece of pie in the base year, or the red piece of pie decreased by 15% (another example)? I want to see the percent difference for each colored piece of the pie as compared to the base year. Whatever I am doing now is not working. Thanks for your help!

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          Dana Withers

          Hi Megan,


          I couldn't quite check because I didn't see which light blue piece had increased by 40% compared to which base, but I think all you have to do is include company name in the ToolTip bit of the marks shelf. That way it can be taken into account when doing the table calc to calculate the % difference.


          Hope that helps,