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    Incorrect fonts after creating pdf...

    Egor Larin

      Hi there,

      I've got a problem with using our own corporate brand font:


      • After printing to PDF i've got incorrect displaying the words in document, Broken corparate font. Chek the difference versions of displaying our font. It is different from PDF, desktop & server (best displaying)
      • IP adress is on Garamond font (default)

      How can it be?

      I need your help.

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          Bryan Jones

          I'm having a similar problem - though with Helvetica and Arial, let alone our corporate font. We typically use Acrobat to generate PDFs from Tableau because the Tableau file sizes are far too large and we end up with complaints. There is no discernable quality difference between a Tableau native document or an Acrobat document so Acrobat wins.


          Starting with Version 8 however, Acrobat loses bold effects for some items - it doesn't matter if we rebuild them, change the fonts several times, change to different families (e.g., Calibri) and it occurs across multiple workbooks.


          Unfortunately, at least for us, switching back to Tableau native isn't an option as the file sizes managed to get larger. In the attached, what used to be a 1MB file if we printed just one page of a larger report is now a 2MB file. We're scratching our heads on this (we've tried just about every Acrobat setting option we can think of) - fundamentally we're just not sure why something still appears correctly if generated out of version 7 but in version 8 it degrades. [It isn't just fonts, we have the same problem with .emf images in version 8.]

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            Cristian Vasile


            Try to patch your v8 system with the latest release aka 8.0.2


            Release Notes | Tableau Software

            Fixed several issues in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server related to PDFs, including: unusually large file sizes, compared with earlier versions of Tableau; white areas within some PDFs; blank pages when size was set to Unspecified; issues with the color legend displaying in Tableau Server even though it had been disabled in Tableau Desktop; floating legends in dashboards; and fuzziness and illegibility in the PDF output.




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              Eric McDonald

              You also need to determine which box is generating the PDF as you need to install the corporate fonts on that box. So you may need to install them both client side and server side.

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