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    inconsistent behavior with no data and dimension (or not) on Rows/Columns

    Jonathan Drummey

      In the attached workbook, there are two worksheets that are the same except for the presence of Customer Segment on Columns. The filter is set up such that there is no data returned from the query.


      - When the dimension is *not* on Rows or Columns, Tableau draws an empty pane.

      - When the dimension *is* on Rows or Columns, Tableau doesn't draw anything.


      Where this gets interesting is when the two worksheets are on a dashboard and the filter is a data source filter, we end up with two different visual displays. In a complex dashboard showing a variety of worksheets, some with dimensions on Rows or Columns and some not, this is visually distracting.


      For example, in this pic the On Time Performance, Cancels & No Shows, and Trips by Hour of the Day areas should all be white:




      I've considred a couple of other options:


      - Table calc filters such as LOOKUP(ATTR([Department]),0) won't work because the filter is being used across worksheets so it can't be based on a table calc. Even if we could, a table calc filter would require the dimension being filtered (Department) to be in the view, and it's not. In the actual view abvoe, a date is being used for the filter and adding it to the views would require all the calculations to be turned into table calculations and performance would greatly suffer.


      - Given the complexity of the original data source and other filters, padding in such a way that the filter could always be returning at least one null record so it will draw a pane (and adjusting the calculations as necessary to ignore that padded record) isn't really an option.


      Any thoughts?