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    When a row calc or aggregate won't work?

    Shawn Goicoechea

      Using Tableau 7, Desktop Personal Edition.  Relatively new to Tableau.


      My dataset is a list of all employee payments YTD.  For each pay date each employee has multiple rows. Each row has columns for things like: name, pay date, deduction code, deduction amount, gross pay, etc.  So a typical employee may have something like this:


      NamePay Date
      Deduction CodeDed AmountGross Pay
      John Smith1/1/2013CHECKING1900.002500.00
      John Smith1/1/2013HEALTH150.002000.00
      John Smith1/1/2013DENTAL55.002000.00
      John Smith1/1/2013LIFE15.002500.00

      You'll notice that there are two values for Gross Wages - one is all of them, and one factors out any wages that are not included in benefit calculations (like if you got paid an extra stipend for a being on a committee or something).  My problem is that I can't figure out how to create calculations that tell me things like - the total gross wages for a particular pay date.


      1/1/2013 Gross Wages (if above was my entire data set) would show 9000 if I did a row calc. What I really want it to return would be 2500.  So I tried using the aggregate max, but there again it requires I display name, when all i really want is a list of dates and a total Gross Pay.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks all.