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    Sheet not found in workbook

    William Andrus



      So, I had the problem of "Sheet not found in workbook" when using the Javascript API.




      workbook = viz.getWorkbook();




      The problem wasn't with the javascript code, but on the tableau public settings, I have to have "Show sheets as tabs" selected, or the error will always show.Thankfully, I can still hide the tabs on the javascript side of things.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi William -


          "Show Sheets as Tabs" causes a richer set of metadata to be loaded and retrieved from the server.


          When the option is de-selected, we only retrieve and process information for the specific sheet you're initially rendering from the server. So in essence the other sheets "don't really exist" as far as we're concerned - we haven't pulled metadata for them....therefore the "sheet not found" error.


          I haven't seen this error myself, but I'm not overly surprised that it occurs.