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    Changing Week Start and End

    Ellen Pfeiffer

      Many of my dashboards monitor website activity over time. Activity week by week is the most important measure and all of our financial and other data is measured week by week too.

      However, for all our other reports the weeks start on Saturday and end on Friday. In Tableau, the weeks automatically start on Sunday and end on Saturday. This messes up the data when I'm trying to compare financial and website activity numbers.

      Is there any way I change change the default so that the weeks start on Saturday instead of Sunday?


      Also, is there any way to change the label on the weeks to be the last day of the week instead of the first day of the week?


      So, for example with all of this:

      I want the current week to read as April, 5, 2013 which includes data from March 30 - April5, 2013.