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    change minutes to mm:ss

    Aaron Parry

      I'm looking for a calculation that will allow me to change minutes with a float, that I have set to a decimal right now (7.75) into mm:ss (7:45)



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          Dan Huff



          Here is a calculation that may do the trick for you:


          str(int([Time])) + ":" + str(([Time]%1)*60)


          This basically uses the original field you have in floating format and turns it into the desired string mm:ss format using some algebra. In case you are unaware of its presence, the % sign in this case is Tableau's mod function.


          Hope this helps,



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            Aaron Parry



            Thanks for the response! I was able to use this calculation to obtain my desired result:



            + ":" +

            IF INT(SUM([SecondsToTime])%3600/60)

            < 10 THEN "0" ELSE "" END + STR(INT(SUM([SecondsToTime])%3600/60))

            + ":" +

            IF INT(SUM([SecondsToTime]) %3600 %60)

            < 10 THEN "0" ELSE "" END + STR(INT(SUM([SecondsToTime]) %3600 %60))