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    Multiple IF ELSEIF statements for conditional formatting

    Stephen Marsala


      I am building a scatterplot and trying to color code the marks to show their values within a range.  I have tried the calculated field below, but it only shows the first section of if statment.  My goal is to show 3 different colors of marks.  If a value is within this range be green, if within the next range, yellow, and the last range red.  Thanks for your help on this. My attempt is below.  Thanks.




      IF[$ change]< 20.01 then "Green" ELSEIF[$ change] > -20.01 then "Green" ELSEIF[$ change]<40.01 then "Yellow"

      ELSEIF[$ change]>-40.01 then "Yellow" ELSEIF[$ change]>40.01 then "RED" ELSEIF[$ change]<40.01 then "Red" END