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    Show Avg and Sum of Sales in One Chart by Top/Mid/Botton N Percent

    Pete Staley



      I am having trouble creating the visualization I need.


      Goal: Create and analyze three customer buckets - defined by contribution to total revenue.

      1. Top 10% - Rank customers by total revenue (top 10%). What is the sum of the revenue contributed and what is the average revenue per customer?
      2. Middle 40% - Same as above.
      3. Bottom 50% - Same as above.


      I've attached a workbook that provides a rough picture with what I'm trying to accomplish. Note - the calculated fields use arbitrary values to weight the bar charts for a desired look. Ideally, I'd like to superimpose the average revenue per customer (line graph) on top of the total revenue contributed (bar chart) for each bucket using a dual axis. However, since I have three measure values which correspond to the primary axis, and three for the second axis, I'm not sure how to proceed.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this issue?


      - Pete