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    Tableau Data Engine Error: 8 on a scheduled incremental extract

    Arun Nandakumar

      We have scheduled a daily data extract on Tableau 7 at 4 AM in morning. The extract is created from an Oracle 11g database and it is aggregating huge volume of data. The expected run time is between 90 min to 120 min. But for the last few days the extract fails after 90 to 100 min with the following error.


      com.tableausoftware.vizql.dll.DataSourceException: Tableau Data Engine Error: 8: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

      - TDE_Socket::Recv(socket::recv len=16)


      But when I manually kick start the extract in morning, it runs successfully..!


      I searched the forums and read few tableau users talking about 32 bit to 64 bit issues and some on temp space in windows server. Tableau server for us is on 64 bit Windows 2008 R2 and one thing that I have noticed is that C drive is almost 90% full with only 4 GB remaining.

      Did anyone else face similar issues like this? And any pointers on resolving this issue will be great.