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    No option for incremental update for Google Analytics and date range not updating?

    Sabrina Jordan

      I found the information on setting up an incremental refresh at this link: http://downloads.tableausoftware.com/quickstart/feature-guides/incremental_desktop.pdf


      However, when I try to set this up for Google Analytics in Tableau 8, there is no option like that.  I've searched the forums and support, and I can't find any other way to set up incremental refreshes on the desktop.  I have attached two pictures to show my menu options for GA.  If I hit "Refresh" there are no options, it immediately begins a full data refresh.


      Additionally, although I have the past 30 days selected as a Google Analytics property, it seems to be setting the 30 day window in stone and not updating the end day to reflect yesterday's date.  Please see the attached picture for that as well.  When I open that drop down menu and reselect the last 30 days, it does update and performs a full extract (the dates become bold and non-selectable), but it's not updating automatically when I manually refresh the extract unless I go in and update the connection properties.


      Thank you!