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    I created a calendar view with my existing data set, but I know it can be better. Would appreciate validation, improvements or tips from tableau wizards.

    Kiran v

      Hi Wizards,


      I was wondering one day what if I could lay out my data on a calendar view because my data is daily with stay days it would be pretty cool to update it daily and see the percentage of daily units sold by the total units and should be able to break it down by weekdays and weekends. Or by every day of the week e.g. sunday, monday.....


      I have accomplished to build the view to a certain extent but I know it can be better. I am trying to re create the model I created on the excel sheet building in a macros. * Because of data confidentiality i changed the codes and numbers so because of high security in macros they are not transferable and hence default to ' 0 ' but data wizards will get the gist of what I am envisioning to build in tableau. I am certain if this view can be built in macros it can be done in tableau.


      I have attached 3 sheets the first one i.e. proxy calendar view is the view that I have built in tableau, second one ' proxy model1 ' is the macros excel sheet i built and trying to recreate in tableau and ' proxy model 2 ' is the excel sheet with two tabs first one is where the data lies and second one is what i have to blend/join the first tab to make a table calculation that if for example ' DRS.com ' sells 20 units out of total 164 which is fixed number in april and which is 5 percent. out of those 20, 10 are sold on weekends and 10 on weekdays.


      I call out to all the tableau wizards to give me tips on enhancing this view. 


      Thanks much